art is supposed to make life better.


for that cause 

tacheless is making meaning

borrowing ideas courtesy from

rock, film, geräusch, dürrenmatt,

jazz, zorn, pop, billy wilder, soul,

berlin and, you probably already noticed it,

the great city of lisbon.


as gordon shumway, the great philosopher from the late 20th century once said "not being capable of doing something is no good reason to not do it" tacheless has chosen a susan sontag like aproach to, well, quite about everything. combining curiosity with the seriousness and determination of the early days of rock'n'roll


tacheless is constantly trying to develop new means of creativ labour. be it music, the work as a band, the design of t-shirts or the production of animated (short) features as well as live events of any kind - you never know where a good idea will grow best - you simply have to try. 


as a copy/paste-brand tacheless is mainly working with used material. by taking something out of its place or by changing its quantity tacheless is constructing new contexts and meanings. and, frankly, it looks pretty cool that way, too.